Cancun Manny's Personal Host Services

Personal Host

Want to hang out with a local tour guide who knows all the places? Want to explore downtown Cancun but apprehensive about leaving the hotel area? Would rather use public transport but don't know where to start? With a personal host you can hire me to show you the local side of Cancun. Many people on tripadvisor say it's the highlight of their holiday.

What is a personal host?

Having a personal host is a mixture of hanging out with your best friend and having a local tour guide to show you around. I take you to the local hang outs and cater from anything from family outings to bachelor parties. With a personal host you get all the knowledge of a local tour guide, so I'll be sharing the local culture and taking you to the hidden treasures that only us locals know about.
But having a local best friend also ensures you're not going to get ripped off. I take you to the best restaurants and translate the Spanish menu. I can order the drinks in Spanish so you don't get ripped off and charged the inflated tourist price. With a personal host the scamsters will know they can't try any funny business.

Why do I need a personal host?

When you're in the hotel zone you're missing out on the unique local culture. I act as a local tour guide, sharing local experiences and bringing you face to face with our fascinating culture. Many people are apprehensive about leaving the hotel zone because they don't want to get lost in downtown Cancun, or feel intimidated about visiting places where nobody around them speaks English. I help you overcome this trepidation and take you to the places you wanted to visit but didn't dare.

A personal host also saves you money. If you can't speak Spanish then the restaurants, bars, and cafes will be overcharging you. I ensure you get fair prices and don't ripped off. It could be a whole range of things. For example, when visiting a strip club in downtown Cancun I'll make sure you get local prices. Or when you're meeting some intriguing locals I'll be translating so you can make new friends. By using local transport I can also help you get around for much cheaper than a private transfer.

How much does a personal host cost?

Through we've been offering the option to have a personal host to join your tour for an additional $100 fee. This is a service that's been around for many years. I now offer this service as a per hour rate for guests staying in cancun. My rate is $40 for 4 hours, and then $10 per additional hour or part there of. For a full day, up to 14 hours, my rate is $100. Remember, my emphasis is local knowledge, so as a local tour guide I'll be showing you a different side to Cancun.
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