Cancun Itinerary AKA Cancun Manny's $20 Deal

Are you looking for the best value Cancun itinerary? Do you want to avoid the tourist traps and have a Cancun itinerary that shows you all the local sides of Cancun? Cancun Manny offers a very personalised service and creates a bespoke Cancun itinerary for different individuals and groups coming to Cancun. It's the favorite service of tourists because it tailor makes a Cancun itinerary to everything that you're interested in. By using local knowledge and sacrificing my own commission, Cancun Manny can save you money and help you get the most from your holiday. Get your Cancun Itinerary today for just $20.

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The Best Value Cancun Itinerary

Cancun Manny provides a personalized service that includes things like Cancun airport transfers, private tours, discounted admissions to local attractions, host and guiding services, private transport, and hotel and resort booking in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or Tulum.

As a local tour guide I work with many service providers in Cancun. They don't allow me to advertise rates that are lower than the ones that they offer or advertise. Whether you book directly or through a travel agent you pay the same price. But some of these companies offer huge commissions and by packaging different tours together Cancun Manny passes on these discounts to you. That's how I can make the best value Cancun itinerary.

I can offer you a discounted rate for the whole trip. If you're not sure then add up all the individual tours and then ask what I would charge. Challenge me to create the cheapest Cancun itinerary for your holiday. Please also take time to read my Trip Advisor reviews and find out what other people think about my tours and services.

The $20 Cancun Itinerary

Cancun Manny offers the $20 deal. For a nominal fee of $20 I'll set up a personal appointment by phone or skype and answer your questions about Cancun. I'll find out what you like and what is going to give you the best experience. I'll share all my personal knowledge and discuss the different options for your itinerary. Don't waste hours searching the internet or emailing different travel services in Cancun, get Cancun Manny's $20 deal.

An example Cancun Itinerary

This is a sample itinerary for a family of four staying for a week in Cancun. If you booked all the services individually you would pay $966 - $1050. My package would cost you just $825, a saving of over $200.
  • Day 1. Airport transfer to Cancun Hotel Zone. Regular price in a private $30 to $50.
  • Day 2. Half day tour to visit El Meco ruins in downtown Cancun, and then lunch at a local restaurant. 3 hours all together. Regular price over $100 in private van.
  • Day 3. Enjoy the day at the resort. I would provide detailed local information on the attractions you can walk to, as well as how to use the bus system in combination with local taxis. I'll also let you know about the best local restaurants.
  • Day 4. Private tour to Chichen Itza, Cenotes, Valladolid and Ek Balam with a personal host. Regular price $410 in a private van.
  • Day 5. Enjoy the day at the resort. Have a stunning local meal at one of the local restaurants that isn't in the guide books.
  • Day 6.  Selvatica's Canopy Extreme tour. Regular price $396.
  • Day 7. Transfer back to the airport. Regular price $30 to $50 in a private van.

But remember this is just a sample. With Cancun Manny you get an itinerary that is tailored exactly to what you're looking for.

How do I book my Cancun Itinerary?

To book your Cancun itinerary, first click on the Buy the $20 deal button.  After you make your payment you will be redirected to a page with my contact info.  Once we come up with an itinerary for you I only ask for a small deposit to cover the required deposits for each of the tours and services. You would pay the rest locally when you use the services. Read what previous customers have said about my services on Trip Advisor and be sure to comment on your Cancun itinerary on the forum.

Note: The $20 payment would be used as part of the deposit if you decide to purchase the package I put together for you.
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