Cancun Private Tours and Excursions

Cancun Manny provides custom Cancun private tours through There are a lot of companies that offer private tours in Cancun but none of them offer a completely bespoke service like me. Most companies offer Cancun private tours that take people to the attractions that provide them with the most commission. We tailor tours around your interests and needs so you get a completely custom Cancun tour and the best local experience. Check out the trip advisor reviews!

The benefits of a custom Cancun private tours

Most tour companies have a set itinerary which doesn't give you the flexibility to visit the sights that you want. These Cancun private tours are usually focused on the tourist traps that provide them with the most commission. For example the best cenotes in the area are Xkeken and Samula, located in the town of Dzitnup. But they don't offer any commission, so instead most tour companies don't mention them and take people to Ik Kill. With a custom Cancun private tours you visit the attractions you want.

What do you want for lunch? On a regular Cancun private tour you're at the whim of the tour guide and the rest of the group. On a custom Cancun private tour everything is tailored to your needs, so you decide whether you want a really local restaurant, or whether you want to take a break for a well earned afternoon beer. If you want to change a regular Cancun private tours itinerary you'll have to pay extra. Not with our custom private tours.

Cancunwithme is also the only tour company that offers up to 14 hours on their one day tour. Most other companies charge an extra fee once they go past 10 hours. We're also one of the few companies that are willing to pick you up as early as 6am. That means you can take full advantage of the daylight hours and avoid the tourist crowds.

Why a custom Cancun private tour is cheaper?

Cancun Manny offers rates per van and not per person. Companies that offer a per person rate on private tours are profiting from the transport and admission rates. With Cancunwithme the only profit is made with the transportation and personal host fees. You pay your admission fees as you go, directly to the vendors and service providers. This way, you know you're not getting ripped off.  You're also not stung with a hidden extra, like some of the companies that charge a ridiculous camera fee and try and sell the photos they take of you.

We also pass on the commission we receive in the form of a discount. For example if we go to Tankah Park our rate is $20, instead of their public rate of $39. This keeps us honest and ensures we visit the sights that you want, and not those that pay the highest commissions.

Your personal host

Rather than only offering certified guides at the archaeological sites we give you the option to hire a personal host to join you throughout the day. What's the difference? Well, the certified guides for hire at the Mayan ruins specialize on the history of the site. Personal hosts are not certified to give history and facts inside the archaeological sites, but they can help you to take pictures and translate with the local vendors, etc. Outside the Mayan sites, personal hosts will share general Mexican and Mayan history, as well as information about Mexican culture and customs. Basically a personal host is like having a local buddy that hangs out with you. Rather than focus on the specific details of one site, a personal host knows something about everything and keeps you entertained. What's more, as you've got a smaller group because you're not on a set tour, your personal host can take you to all the hidden gems that only the locals know about.

With our custom Cancun private tour you're getting off the beaten track and experiencing everything that this magical region has to offer. So forget about the standard stomp that everyone else in the hotel did. Get ready for the best local Cancun private tours around.

Where do you go on a custom Cancun private tour?

Our tours are about showing you the best of Cancun, and that's both the talked about attractions and the hidden gems. Here is just a selection of some of the attractions that could be part of your tour:
  • Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza, Coba, Tulum, Ek Balam and the off the beaten track ruins like Muyil, El Meco, etc.
  • Local cenotes like Dos Ojos, El Grand cenote, Chaak Tun, Casa Cenote, etc.
  • Parks like Tankah, Rio Secreto, Hidden Worlds, etc.
  • Snorkeling spots like Akumal's turtle bay, Yal Ku lagoon, Puerto Morelos, etc.
  • Shopping spots in places like Tulum and Playa del Carmen

How much does a custom Cancun tour cost?

All our tours are tailor made to your needs so we don't have a single set price except for the transportation which starts at $260 for up to 14 hours. However, we're cheaper than the competition and we also save you money on your entrance fees. The following is an example of a custom Cancun tour for 4 adults in the Riviera Maya with a personal host. But it's just an example. Search the forum for some amazing ideas for your trip.

  • Visit Tulum Ruins which overlook the amazing Caribbean blues.
  • Then enjoy the zip lines at Tankah Park and their amazing 4 x 4 jeep tour through the jungle.
  • For lunch, what better than some fresh shrimp and fish tacos at Urge Taquito in Tulum.
  • Snorkel with sea turtles in Akumal's turtle bay.
  • Finish with a stroll through 5th Ave in Playa del Carmen before heading back to the resort.
  • Total cost would be less than $635 which is about $159 per person.
For more details about our prices you can visit directly 
Picture of Miriam at Cenote Chaak Tun taken by Cancun Manny while on a private tourLocal crafts man at Chichen Itza, foto taken by Cancun Manny during a private tour from Cancun
Picture of college students behind colums at Chichen Itza, taken by Cancun Manny during a private tourStairs of Cenote Taj Mahal in the RIviera Maya photo taken by Cancun Manny while on a private tour