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Interesting forum - stumbled on it while searching airfare.
I have been going to Cancun since it's development in the '70s - at least once a year - it changes every year.
The east side beaches are gorgeous white coral sand - but big waves. The north side has similar sand but but not as clean. The bay side - well it's the bay. Just take a dip by using Senior Frog's waterslide after a couple of drinks.
It is an Island of salesmen/women. It starts the moment you get off the plane - transportation, Then comes the timeshares, vendors - you name it. Everyone one there is in sales - and I don't blame them - just travel to where the workers live and you'll see why.
I could list names of decent hotels but I won't - lately I've just been visiting rustic accomodations on Isla Mujeres or Playa del Carmen.
Must do - Ruinas Del Rey - overlooked, small - not far from the bridge - has bus stop - take bread from your hotel to feed the iguanas. Side trip to Xcaret, XelHa, and go inland for the zipline adventure. Rent a car is the best way - but - that rental car sticker makes you a nice target for police - bring pocket change $$. Bottom line - this overall upsell racket is their living - so grin and bear it.

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