Cenote Dos Ojos

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Cenote Dos Ojos

Post by Cancun Manny » Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:11 pm

Dos Ojos is a cenote, one of the many 1000's of cenotes in the area. It is my personal favorite cenote to snorkel at. They call it Dos Ojos, because it has two eyes (two cenotes). There is a large underwater tunnel that connects both cenotes. There are dive tours at this location, and those are the ones you might get to see swim from one cenote to the other one underwater.

The cenote as a whole at one point was out of the water (this type of formations don't grow underwater). Now the cave system is flooded, and you can actually see how deep it goes.

The smaller cenote is mostly used for divers to get in and out of the system. Swimmers are also welcome. There isn't much to see underwater on the small cenote, so folks usually use it as a nice pool to quickly cool off.

The larger cenote is the gem of the place. You walk down into an island. The cenote pretty much surrounds this island. This is where snorkeling is a blast. You get to see how deep the cenote gets, you get to see the tunnel connecting the two cenotes underground, and there is also a maze of stalactites that leads into a bat cave.

You can see some Dos Ojos cenote pictures here

Admission costs:

Regular admission is 150 pesos per person, paid at the front by the main/federal road (might have gone up). The cenote itself is about 3 km into the jungle through a dirt road.

Snorkel gear rental costs 100 pesos for mask/fins/snorkel. You can do a self guided tour, except you won't be able to visit the bat cave (requires a guide and flashlights).

The local guide fees are 400 per person, and it includes the gear rental, flashlights, and a guided tour of the cenotes. (might have gone up)

Cancun With Me hosts are recognized as guides at Dos Ojos, and can show you the bat cave.
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