Tankah Park zip line park

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Tankah Park zip line park

Post by Cancun Manny » Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:00 pm

Tankah Park has been my Ace up my sleeve. It is located just south of Tulum ruins, and it is what I consider a semi private park. If you arrive to the park without prior arrangements they will not allow you to go in. They don't have in house english speaking staff, so usually it requires that a tour operator like myself takes groups there, or you can book directly on their site, and they will make arrangements to have a guide in your language ready for you.

Tankah Park is located in the middle of the jungle. They offer two zip lines, a canoe ride in one of the largest open cenotes in the peninsula, a cenote to swim in with a cliff jump, and a traditionally built Mayan village to walk through. Most of their staff is of Mayan decent, and they all live in the village.

They also have the best 4 x 4 Jeep tour in the area. There are (or were) about 2 or 3 other Jeep tours, but those used dirt road trails that can be traveled by a regular car and often even by tourist vans. The jeep tour trail in Tankah can only be accomplished with a 4 x 4 vehicle. It is not a fast track, but it is a technical one. If you have little to no experience doing 4 x 4, you will love these tour!

What sets this place apart is that it doesn't pull in the large crowds. Often you get the filling that your group is alone in the middle of the jungle. The staff is very friendly, and they allow you to take pictures even while on the zip lines. Some of the larger parks claim you are not allowed to take pictures while on the zip line because of safety concerns, but in reality they don't want you to take pictures because they have their own photographers that will try to sell you the pictures set.

You can visit Tankah's Park website here

You can view pictures taken by Cancun Manny's at Tankah Park here!

Their regular rates are $39 per adult and $25 per child, or $49 per adult and $30 per child 5 to 11 years of age.
If you package this activity with other services using my $20 Deal, I can offer a significant discount
If you book a private tour through cancunwithme.com admissions to the park would be $20 per person, including the little ones (no meals)
I do put a lot of time and effort to provide much detailed information to help you have a great time while in Cancun. If you feel I provided you with valuable useful information and want to reward me, why not buy me a beer? Cancun Manny

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