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Can you help Cancun Manny grow? I don't mean physically; these shoulders have taken their fare share of beans and chili peppers. I mean help the Cancun Manny community expand so more people can benefit.
Cancun Manny with kids from town of Dzitnup by Valladolid Merida

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Have you been to Cancun? What did you think? What lived up to your expectations and which tourist traps did you fall for? Use the Cancun Manny forum to share your experiences and help future travelers learn from your mistakes. Tell people how great your resort was, or how bad your tour company treated you. Or about that hidden bar where you spent hours with the locals.
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Tourists with some kids from Samula cenote in the town of Dzitnup
Local musicians of town of Dzinup

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I've been a tour guide and host for many years now and I've arranged some great deals with the local attractions. Most people wouldn't think twice about using a foreign travel agent to book their tours and transfers. But they often hesitate when a local tour guide offers a great deal. I'm not looking to make a huge profit or trying to please shareholders, I'm just looking to share my passion and knowledge of Cancun with people from around the world. So, take advantage of my $20 deal, get the best deal on Cancun airport transfers, ask me about local tours, or hire me as your personal host for the day.

Of course, I make a little bit of commission on the services you book through me. That's how the industry works in Cancun. But with Cancun Manny I pass on most of the commission to you in the form of a discount. Furthermore, you'll be supporting a local business, and not lining the pocket of some fat cat businessman who has never even visited Cancun.

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Picture of a Modelo Beer in Tulum taken by Cancun Manny while on a private tour