How to avoid the large tourist crowds?

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How to avoid the large tourist crowds?

Post by Cancun Manny » Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:42 pm

I often get asked if I photoshop people out of my pictures, or if I make special arrangements to get access to some locations while they are still closed since I do have so many pictures without any body in them.

There are two ways to avoid the large tourist crowds. The first one is a bit more obvious, visit off the beaten path spots instead of the regular big tourist attractions. Tour operators and Travel Agencies, are big on promoting tours that pay large commissions, and don't really bother mentioning the off the beaten path spots that don't offer any commissions.

The other not so obvious way to stay away from the large tourist crowds, is starting early. Some attractions are touristy by nature, but still worth seeing, like Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza, and some of the local parks like Xcaret . If you start your tour early enough, you can arrive at the Mayan ruins at 8am when they open, and at this time sites are pretty much empty, as the large tour buses usually don't start to show up until after 10am. Another advantage of starting early is that you get to beat the heat!

For parks like Xcaret Xelha and Xplor you won't be able to avoid the large crowds all day long, but if you arrive shortly after they open you will find the parks relatively empty, given you a chance to do some of the more popular activities before the large groups start showing up.
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