What is localphone.com?

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What is localphone.com?

Post by Cancun Manny » Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:52 pm

Localphone.com Is a VOIP provider, basically phone calls over the internet. They have different options to connect your calls and take advantage of their extremely low rates, even lower than google voice which has gained popularity for their low rates.

One of localphone's best feature is the ability to purchase a local phone number from your home country, and sometimes even from your home city. You can then forward calls to that number to the phone number of your choosing, even international phone numbers. The idea is for your family, friends and colleagues to be able to call you at your local phone number, which for them is a local phone call, and you can take that call on any phone number that you forwarded your phone number to anywhere in the world, paying much lower rates.

This option is a great add on to my local cell phones rental. You can purchase a phone number in your home city from localphone then forward calls to that phone number to your Cancun cell phone number that you rented from me. This way your loved ones can call you as often as they want, you can receive the call on the Cancun cell phone, and you would only be paying less than 4 pennies per minute (3.8 cents)

The cost to set up your city/country phone number from localphone does vary from country to country. But there are no long term commitments. You can literally purchase the local phone service for a month, then disconnect it.

My guess is that most phone companies allow you to forward your calls to a different number (here in Mexico we can), but the rates that they charge are high, specially for international calls. I personally use localphone for all my international calls, and most people I speak with don't even notice I am using VOIP to call them.
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