Fonda Las Pinatas (restaurant)

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Fonda Las Pinatas (restaurant)

Post by Cancun Manny » Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:36 pm

This is a great little spot at which I don't eat more often at because it is a bit far from my house, and I forget about it.

They offer authentic cuisine from Guadalajara (or Guadalajara style). They do offer a buffet type setting, where you pay a flat fee and you can eat as much as you want from the different "cazuelas' (mexican clay pots). The usually have over 10 different dishes to chose from. (I've never done the buffet). You can also do the house special, which is rice, beans, and your selection of two of the cazuelas dishes plus the drink, for about 60 pesos. On top of that they have a full menu of other items, and daily specials like rib eye, etc.

When I go, I usually order the special, with red mole and green mole, but pretty much everything they server seems to be good. They do sell beers and other drinks, but not usually a place to "drink" at, definitely more of a restaurant type vibe. They do also offer "per hour" service. They have different packages at a per person rate, which includes food and drinks for x amount of time. If you are traveling in a large group this might be a great opportunity to let loose with the locals. These type of gatherings usually happen after 5pm, and their main business is before that usually.

You can find it on my favorite spots in cancun map

As to how to get there? Read this link on how to use public transportation in Cancun
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