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Local Cell Phone Rental in Cancun

Don't waste your money with international roaming charges and expensive calls back to the USA, Canada or Europe. Sure, you can use your cell phone in Cancun, but the outrageous fees are just lining the pockets of some fat cat in an office. The best and cheapest way of staying in touch with friends and family back home is by renting a local cell phone.

Advantages of a local cell phone rental in Cancun

In a nutshell, a local cell phone is far cheaper that international roaming. There are no fees for accepting foreign calls, you only pay for what you use, and you'll have a local number for your friends and family to reach you. In addition, a local cell phone allows you to make local calls at local rates. That makes it easy to arrange a van transfer or tour. And also makes it easy to give Cancun Manny a call so we can meet up for a beer and hit the sights of Cancun.

Cancun Manny offers two different packages that allow you to get a local cell phone rental in Cancun and save money.

Basic Cancun Cell Phone Rental in Cancun

See how much you will save when you take advantage of this offer. For a $30 fee you get:

  • A basic phone with a local Cancun phone number on which you can make and receive calls, and send and receive SMS text messages
  • 200 pesos worth of credit (about $15.50 USD)
    • Calls to any Mexican, USA or Canada phone number (except Hawaii, Alaska and PR) are .98 pesos, which is just under $.08 USD per minute. Calls elsewhere in the world are just under 18 pesos per minute, which is about $1.40 USD
    • All incoming calls are free with your Cancun cell pone
    • SMS text messages to local cell phones are .88 pesos, and international SMS text messages are 1.73 pesos, about $.13 USD
    • All incoming SMS text messages are free of charge
  • If you run out of credit, you can top up with as little as 30 pesos or as much as 500 pesos. You can do it pretty much anywhere like supermarkets, convenience stores like Oxxo and Extra, etc.
  • You get phone rental for up to 10 days with this package.

I ask for a $30 USD cash deposit for the phone, SIM card, and charger

Smartphone Cell Phone Rental in Cancun

Mexico has really cheap browsing costs so you can get a smartphone and stay connected. For a $50 fee you get:

  • A low end Android Smartphone (Huawei Boulder U8350 or similar) with a local Cancun phone number on which you can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS text messages, and use internet services such as web browsing, Facebook, Whatsapp messages, email, etc.
  • The phone will be activated with the following:
    • 500 minutes to call anywhere in Mexico, USA, Canada and/or Puerto Rico. To make calls elsewhere in the world you would have to add credit to the phone as they are not included.
    • All incoming calls are free anywhere in Mexico
    • 100 SMS text message to any Mexican, USA, PR or Canadian cell phone
    • All incoming SMS text messages are free of charge
    • Unlimited use of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and emails via Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. After 1GB of use this service is still included, but slows down to 64 kbps
    • 250 MB of internet for other apps
  • If you use up all your minutes or MB's you can easily top up in supermarkets, convenience stores, gift shops, etc. Once you add credit the following rates apply:
    • Calls to Mexico, USA, Canada and Puerto Rico are at a rate of 1.89 pesos per minute, about $.15 USD per minute
    • Calls elsewhere in the world are at a rate of 21.19 pesos per minute, about $1.63 USD per minute. Cuba is 24.97 pesos, about $1.92 USD
    • SMS text messages to Mexican phone numbers cost 1.04 pesos, and elsewhere in the world 1.60 pesos, about $.12 USD
    • Additional MB for internet use cost 1.89 pesos, about $.15 USD cents
    • With this package you get to keep the phone for up to 10 days for the same rate

I ask foI ask for a $100 USD cash deposit for the phone, SIM card and charger

How do I book?

To book any of my Cancun cell phone packages I ask for a $10 deposit via paypal. You only pay the balance and deposit when you receive the phone. Once you return the phone in working condition you immediately get your deposit back.

If you book your airport transfers through me, I will arrange for the driver to give you the phone when you land, so you're immediately connected with your local Cancun cell phone. Just drop the phone back off with the driver. If your airport transfers are already booked why not see if they can be refunded. With Cancun Manny you're getting the cheapest airport transfers and a great value local Cancun cell phone.

If you don't book your airport transfers through me, I can arrange for someone to meet you at the resort and give you the phone. There would be a $20 fee for this service, and only available if you are staying in a Cancun resort.

What about SIM only rentals?

Cancun Manny only wants to offer honest and reliable services to customers. Unfortunately I don't offer SIM only rentals as I can't guarantee it will work. From experience, I know that some unblocked GSM phones won't work with certain SIM cards. Imagine renting a SIM card and it not working in your phone? You'd be annoyed, so I don't offer this service. However, if you rent the basic service from me and the SIM works in your unblocked smartphone you can also use the credit to surf the web. The cost is 21 pesos per MB but that immediately drops to only 1 peso per MB once you've spent 49 pesos.

Other Cheap Cancun Cellphone Options

Another great way to add value to our Cancun cell phone rentals is by signing up with and renting a local phone number for your home city/country. You can then forward that number to the local cell phone number I provide to you at very low rates.

For example, if you sign up for service you can set up a USA phone number for $3, then pay $.99 per month. Once you have your USA number assigned, you can forward the calls to the Mexican cell phone number you rented from me. Your friends and family in USA would call your USA number and your Cancun cell phone would ring. You would pay only $.038 USD per minute. The advantage of this is that your friends and family don't have to pay the high international long distance rates to call the Cancun cell phone number directly.

With all calls to a Mexican cell phone would be 3.8 cents, but the fee to set up the local phone number does vary per country. For instance, to set up a UK phone number, it would be $.99 USD setup, plus $.99 per month, but for Canada it would be $5 USD to set up and $3 USD per month. There are no long term commitments and you can cancel at any time. Check the blog for more information.

If you do sign up with ‪localphone please use as the person who refereed you. This way I can earn some free credit with them. I personally use their services for most of my international phone calls, and the call quality is good.
Myan mask at Meridas Mayan museum, picture taken by Cancun MannyMayan statue at Mayan Museum in Merida, picture taken by Cancun Manny